Frontier Stove | Water Heater

    • This water heater has been designed so you can harness the heat of your Frontier stove and have hot water on tap! It wraps around the bottom section of flue and sits on top of the stove. Once the water has boiled the water heater can be turned around to "hang" from the bottom flue. You can use a kettle on the Frontier, but using the water heater means that more of the top plate is free for your other pots and pans. It holds 3 litres of water, but when empty it weighs only 1.6kg. If you buy the Frontier stove bag and water heater bag they can both strap together for even easier transport.

    • This is a great accessory for your Frontier Stove. Using the heat from the stove flue pipe, it easily boils water so that you have a constant supply of hot water for washing up or a well deserved cuppa

Category: Frontier, Stove Accessories

Type: Stove

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