About Us

Highland Nomad is a culmination of years of camping experience coupled with a love of quality food and a desire to pass on great finds and tips to others.

We only sell products that we use ourselves and know work well.  Whether it’s a jar of chutney, the toys or the frontier stove, all the items have been tested repeatedly and are loved by our kids and us. 

Our life long passion for Land Rover has enabled us to create a superb collection of expedition gear that will add to your camping experience and ensure your vehicle is a safe and robust workhorse.

What do you normally do at that time on a camping trip, when the tent is pitched and the kettle is on?  At our tent, hubby will be inspecting his new toy,  (a barbecue, table, coffee pot or something else that he’s bought and kept secret till the camp is set).  I’ll be organizing the kitchen area, digging out plastic containers of spices and sauces that I keep for these trips.   The kids will be rummaging in the toy bag for the kite or fishing nets, before running off only to return when they’re hungry.


Claire McMillan

Founder of Highland Nomad