All Wool Picnic Blankets

  • These are fabulous for camping, fishing or boating. A great value but high quality wool blanket which is kind to the environment as they are made from yarn that is re-spun from surplus materials. Each blanket is different but each is warm and soft. Perfect for snuggling into and the perfect and practical choice for use outside. Wrap them around the kids, your shoulders or tuck them around your knees when all that paddling in the rock-pools has turned your ankles blue!
  • Generously sized at 120cm x 150cm and 150cm x 180cm .All our random recycled blankets are just that 'random' very rarely do we get two the same which is the beauty of these blankets. The yarns left over from the 'normal' blanket making process are re-spun and re-woven into these truly unique blankets making them very eco friendly.

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