Well...after months of planning, visualising and taste-testing, Cool Camp Hampers is ready to offer its services to eating enthusiasts countrywide.

I've spent years working with the highest quality produce Scotland has to offer and the best bit for me about our family camping and self-catered trips has been stockpiling goodies to treat our tastebuds to a holiday too.

I love nothing better than spending a lazy weekend morning wandering around our local farmers markets but realised that a lot of holidaymakers to the area miss out on this opportunity as unlike in France where the markets are midweek, in Scotland they often coincide with rental changeover days. 

The hamper range has been formed with camping and outdoor holidays in mind where storage and space-saving are key. They're full of tasty chutneys you could  eat from the jar with a spoon and the most deliciously aromatic tea and coffee which will make you never want to buy mass produced stuff again. The meats are smoked, cured and vacuum packed, making them ideal to take on a lazy loch-side picnic or a hike up a hill.  Most of the produce is from local artisan producers and all of them have been supportive and full of enthusiasm at the concept of handing a bag of local goodies over to visitors to the area.  I've been like a kid in a sweetie shop, sampling each new product that's come my way.  I'm always on the lookout for new ways to add interest to the dinner table and other items will be added to the hampers as I happily discover them. 


Murray McMillan
Murray McMillan