EcoGrill Success

Here’s the thing.  We’ve been camping for years.  I’ve looked on many a time with a bemused and slightly patronising gaze as my hubby (a closet pyromaniac) has enthused about whatever type of fire he’s rigged up for us to cook on or huddle around.   However, I’ve never quite ‘got it’, the whole ‘fire’ thing has weirdly left me feeling kind of cold.

Then I came across the Eco Grill.  The look of it pulled me in.  A slice of a tree hollowed out and filled with charcoal…nice idea!  Then the doubts seeped in.  It was bound to just look good but not really work.  I’m happy to admit that I have never been quite so wrong!! 

Last night I sat in the back garden basking in the heat of the EcoGrill …what an amazing piece of kit.  It lit first time.  Hubby was impressed.  I was feeling quite chuffed with my find.  Also, it smelled lovely, like a proper wood fire.  Quite a lot of instant barbeques we’ve used in the past were a bit ‘fumy’ and you’d run around closing the windows incase the house reeked later on.


Half an hour later it was settling in nicely and by the time it had been on about an hour, I was grilling the chicken on it.  If anything, I could’ve waited a little longer but I’m used to barbeque charcoal cooling down before the meat is actually cooked.  I think the design of the Eco Grill keeps the heat at the bottom intense.  It can burn into the wood rather than just hit the base of a fire pit or a tinfoil tray.

Meanwhile, hubby was wandering around with nothing to do.  All his usual jobs were taking care of themselves.  The charcoal didn’t need moved around and it didn’t need ‘just another wee firelighter’ tucked in one corner. 

After the chicken was cooked, I sat beside it for another hour.  I’ve not felt my face take on ‘fireside tartan’ for years.  There’s something more welcoming about this little chuck of wood and charcoal than any other outside fire I’ve sat beside. 


I sat there with a big smile on my face for the full two and a half hours that it was lit…and the blurb is right…it really did burn away to nothing.






Murray McMillan
Murray McMillan