Kelly Kettle | Camping Cup Set

  • 2 x High quality single walled Camping Cups (350 & 500ml) Features Include: Silicone coated foldable handles for comfort / CooLip™ feature to protect lips from burning / measurements on inisde of cup / Polished internally for easy cleaning / Dishwasher safe. Packing: Small cup packs inside large cup - and both pack inside the large Cook Pot, which packs inside our new Hobo Stove™ which packs inside the fire base of the 'Base Camp or 'Scout' Kettles. Please note: The 350ml Cup will fit inside the smaller 'Trekker' Cook set, but the larger 500ml cup is too large to fit. Made from Stainless Steel. Weight 0.258kg / 9.1oz (combined)
  • High quality Camping Cup set which includes 1 x 350ml + 1 x 500ml Cup (two cups in each set) Single walled Stainless Steel Compact: Cups have folding handles & pack inside each other. Versatile: Drink, Eat or Cook in these cups! Comfort: Silicone coated handles & CooLip™ feature to keep your lip safe from burning (2 pcs) Useful: Measurements on inside of cups in ml and U.S. fl.oz Polished internally for easy cleaning Dishwasher safe These cups are suitable for Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Scouting, Working outdoors, Picnics, etc. Small Cup: Volume: 350ml / 12oz Weight: 113g / 0.25lb Dimensions mm: 91 x 68mm Large Cup: Volume: 500 ml / 17oz Weight: 136g / .30lb Dimensions mm: 104 x 73mm

Category: Kelly Kettle

Type: Cool Camp Kit

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